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Plastic Spray Tubes supplied for use with

- LIQUI MOLY Petrol Engine Intake Decarb - 2733

- LIQUI MOLY Diesel Engine Intake Decarb - 3029

Supplied by Bralson Pty Limited trading as MotorActive. Sold between 1 November 2013 and 31 December 2019

DEFECT: The plastic spray tube supplied with the products may have been damaged, resulting in perforation of the tube

HAZARD: If the tube is damaged, when attached to the can and the nozzle is depressed, some contents may be released through perforations in the tube to unintended areas. This may pose a risk of injury to users and bystanders and/or cause property damage.

WHAT TO DO: Consumers should cease using the product and visually inspect the plastic spray tube by running thumb and forefinger along its length to detect any melt marks, punctures or damage. If the tube is damaged or consumers are unsure, contact MotorActive to arrange a replacement plastic spray tube to be delivered, free of charge

For detailed inspection instructions, go to www.germanoils.com.au/spraytuberecall/

CONTACT DETAILS: Consumers can contact MotorActive on 1800 350 622 or via email spraytuberecall@motoractive.com.au

See productsafety.gov.au for Australian product recall information

20 Jan 2020 7:06:39 AM By mocareco mocareco Distributor News,



This a reminder that ALL non-compliant Snatch & Recovery Straps on your shelf will need to be cleared and sold no later than November 30th 2019 at midnight

Snatch Straps in Hard Unit packaging comply with the new standards warning labels and will not require any further action

Older stock in AutoKing packaging will need to be relabelled; our sales team will replace any older stock and replace it with stock that complies with the new standard

Part numbers affected are TS10000 and TUGUM

If you have any AUTOKING snatch straps featuring the old label please call your Area Manager to arrange replacement as these MUST NOT BE SOLD after November 30th 2019 at midnight

18 Nov 2019 7:41:14 AM By mocareco mocareco Distributor News,



This a reminder that ALL Trolley Jacks and Jack Stands on your shelf will need to be cleared and sold no later than November 30th 2019 at midnight

TOOLKING Trolley Jacks or Jack Stands not sold before this date will need to be removed from sale and destroyed or used privately

Please note: Trolley Jacks and Jack Stands are still able to be used after this date as there is no fault with the product, however new Australian Standards labelling and testing is required for any Trolley Jack and Jack stand sold on December 1st 2019

Key Notes:

Please act now to clear these items - Jack Stands and Trolley Jacks

Bottle Jacks, Scissor Jacks & Farm Jacks are NOT affected by this Standard change

NEW stock of Toolking Jacks/Stands with the new standard will be arriving in the next 2 - 3 weeks - We will send out an email to notify you of their arrival

If you require any further information please contact your Area Manager.

15 Nov 2019 7:35:07 AM By mocareco mocareco Distributor News,



Please remove all Autoking Octopus Straps from sale that do not have the correct labelling shown above

We require you to ACT NOW as all AUTOKING octopus straps on sale / on your shelf require the new label as seen above

If you still require new labels, please send us a count to sales@mocare.com.au and we will send you the correct labels

If you have any queries, please call on 08 8340 0966

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